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We'd be very pleased to book your vehicle rental for you and have good relationships with most of the well known car rental companies but let's be clear - we aren't a car rental company that owns cars. Our aim isn't even to make commission on rental vehicles. We're here to ensure you get the best route, accommodation, excursions and value for money during your holiday.

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We can book your car for you or you are welcome to do it yourself. Whichever, your contract for the rental will be with the rental company directly and not DriveRoundOz. So how does DriveRoundOz survive (and thrive!)? The cost of your tour includes an element that's associated with the expertise offered and the time we'll spend planning and organising all aspects of your tour.

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Compare the price of the tours with the accommodation costs alone and you'll see that our fees are not high. Factor in the time you'll save not having to do the research on routes and things to see on the way and the peace of mind you'll have from knowing you are seeing the best of the region, driving daily schedules at a pace that's right for you and staying at the most suitable accommodation and I hope you'll agree that it's great value for money.


If you'd like us to provide prices on vehicles too then just let us know the type of vehicle you'd like via the Contact Us form and we'll include it in the quote.