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Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians
3 days
Great Ocean Road, Grampians National Park and Goldfields

Melbourne to Melbourne
7 days
Lakelands, Snowy Mountains, Victoria High Country, Goldfields, Grampians and Great Ocean Road


Melbourne to Adelaide
5 days
Great Ocean Road, Grampians and two cities to explore


Melbourne to Brisbane
14 days
Best driving road in the world, combine with spectacular coastal scenery and highland highlights


Melbourne to Cairns
28 days
The Great Ocean Road combined with the best driving on the east coast


Melbourne to Darwin
21 days
Fantastic driving, real 'outback', Uluru and the Northern Territory. A true Australian adventure!


Melbourne to Perth
19 days
This amazing journey covers almost 5,000 kms of some of the most varied and impressive scenery in Australia


Melbourne to Sydney
7 days
Great Ocean Road, Grampians National Park, Victoria High Country, Snowy Mountains & NSW southern coast
Melbourne to Melbourne
Melbourne to Melbourne

Superb alpine scenery and high country combined with beautiful coastal views and all finished off with the amazing Great Ocean Road. this has to be one of the best driving routes ever!

7 day tour

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Includes: 6 nights accommodation

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Melbourne - a bustling, cosmopolitan city with loads to see and do. Lygon Street has superb Italian restaurants for an Al Fresco meal and you can tour the city quickly and easily on the trams. Take a walk along the Yarra River, have a coffee or glass of wine at one of the many bars on the way.

Snowy Mountains - huge alpine scenery in Australia? Most people don't realise that Australia has more ski runs than Switzerland! The Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme is an amazing feat of engineering and so take some time to check out the visitors centres.

Victoria Highlands - Grampians National Parkcontinuing from the Snowy Mountains in NSW, Victoria has its own share of beautiful scenery and winding roads.

Grampians National Park - after driving through the Victorian Goldfields with their old fashioned towns, bakeries and coffee shops you'll find yourself in the lovely Grampians National Park. This area of granite highlands is jam packed with wildlife, waterfalls and superb lookouts . On really clear days you can even see the Great Ocean Road 170kms away! You'll have a day here to relax, explore the local area and perhaps take a walk or two through the peacefeul scenery.

The Great Ocean Road - This is one of the most famous and scenic coastal drives in the world and words can't describe the spectacular scenery on this 280km section of road. Every driver should travel this road at least once in their life!

You have the amazing coastal scenery (including the world famous 12 Apostles) on one side with the temperate rainforest of the Otway Ranges on the other. Dotted along the way are friendly small towns with great cafes and restaurants that are perfect for a coffee break and to take in the atmosphere.

It always takes a lot longer than you imagine to drive the Great Ocean Road. There are so many places to stop for lookouts and to take short walks that you are constantly in and out of the car. Due to the never ending series of bends which are tight in places your average speed is also lower than you might imagine. You need at least a day to drive one way if you like to enjoy the views and see things on the way.

The Great Ocean Road