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Please note: We don't include the car in the prices as there are so many choices. You can either book your own car or we'd be pleased to do it for you.



Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians
3 days
Great Ocean Road, Grampians National Park and Goldfields

Melbourne to Melbourne
7 days
Lakelands, Snowy Mountains, Victoria High Country, Goldfields, Grampians and Great Ocean Road


Melbourne to Adelaide
5 days
Great Ocean Road, Grampians and two cities to explore


Melbourne to Brisbane
14 days
Best driving road in the world, combine with spectacular coastal scenery and highland highlights


Melbourne to Cairns
28 days
The Great Ocean Road combined with the best driving on the east coast


Melbourne to Darwin
21 days
Fantastic driving, real 'outback', Uluru and the Northern Territory. A true Australian adventure!


Melbourne to Perth
19 days
This amazing journey covers almost 5,000 kms of some of the most varied and impressive scenery in Australia


Melbourne to Sydney
7 days
Great Ocean Road, Grampians National Park, Victoria High Country, Snowy Mountains & NSW southern coast
Melbourne to Perth
Melbourne to Perth

This amazing journey covers almost 5,000 kms of some of the most varied and impressive scenery in Australia. Truly this tour has something for all tastes, and there is plenty of time allocated for seeing the sights!

19 day tour

AU$ 3,431 BOOK NOW

Includes: 18 nights accommodation plus:
6 days in local areas - Grampians National Park, Adelaide, The Flinders Ranges, Esperance, Albany and Margaret River

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Sydney's Harbour Bridge at nightOn this tour you'll see breathtaking beaches and coastal scenery, valleys crammed with vineyards, rugged outback gorges in the Flinders Ranges, the never ending Nullarbor Plain with it’s incredible cliff top lookouts, forests with the second largest trees in the world, the huge lookouts and wildlife of the Grampians and three bustling and beautiful cities. Five rest days in the most interesting places split the journey up but we can tailor the length of the tour to you.

Melbourne – with over 3.5 million people it is Australia's second largest city and it is attractively located on the banks of the Yarra River and the shores of Port Phillip Bay. It’s a cosmopolitan city with a great quality of life. Explore on the trams, eat at the riverside restaurants and people watch at the cafes!

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road - One of the most scenic coastal drives in the world, words can't describe the spectacular scenery on this 280km section of road. Every driver should travel this road at least once in their life! You have the amazing coastal scenery (including the world famous 12 Apostles) on one side with the temperate rainforest of the Otway Ranges on the other. Dotted along the way are friendly small towns with great cafes and restaurants that are perfect for a coffee break and to take in the atmosphere.

Grampians National Park – this area has steep granite highlands jam packed with wildlife, superb lookouts and waterfalls. The roads are great and on a clear day you can see 150 kms to the coast and the Great Ocean Road. You have a day here to rest and explore this beautiful area.

Adelaide - the 'City of Churches' has one of the best botanical gardens in the world and don't forget to try a pea floater (an Aussie meat pie ‘floating’ in pea soup)! Adelaide has a small town feel with lovely colonial architecture and all the conveniences of a modern city.

Clare Valley - one of Australia's premier wine growing regions, the carefully tended gardens, roses and vineyards make this a much nicer route to Adelaide than the main road. Try one of the famous Clare Valley Riesling’s with a meal prepared at one of the many local restaurants and wineries.

Flinders Ranges – this is an incredible outback region full of wildlife and aboriginal culture. Huge red gorges contrast with beautiful white gum trees and the peace and solitude make you feel as if you’re on a different planet. This is how many imagine the outback to be and all this can be had within a relatively short distance of the Wilpena Pound Resort with all the modern facilities. If you don't want to take your vehicle on gravel roads the 4WD tours are superb and help to bring the place alive. You have day here to explore and immerse yourself in the place.

Eyre Peninsula – It’s quicker to go directly to Port Augusta but the lovely beaches, sea lions, tuna fishing and cliff top lookouts along the Peninsula make it worth the extra 400km or so.

The Nullarbor's not just a long road!Nullarbor Plain – this endless plain (null abor means ‘without trees’ in Latin) is amazing for the distances, the friendly characters you meet on the way, typical Aussie roadhouse pubs and the most awe inspiring cliff top lookouts in Australia. There's even whale watching at Head of Bight from June to October. It’s as much about the people you meet as it is the scenery and a quick smile and a ‘hi!’ will have you chatting with people before you know it.

Esperance – amazingly, the beaches and coastline gets even better close to Esperance. Huge granite boulders sat in perfectly white sand alongside the incredibly blue water make this is a jaw-droppingly beautiful place. You’ll have a day to look around, take the coastal drive and relax on the stunning beaches.

Albany - the first town in W.A., it has an old world charm that’s surrounded by some of the most amazing beaches and coastal National Parks in Australia. You have a day to explore to give you time to visit the Blowholes, Nature’s Arch and The Gap. The beaches both here and in Esperance on your next stop were recently voted the best in Australia and the sand is so pure it squeaks when you walk on it. Add an amazingly turquoise ocean and steep coastal scenery and it’s a photographer’s paradise.

Beach near Esperance

Margaret River – you have a full day to explore the surrounding area with its huge forests, world class vineyards, stunning pure white beaches and amazing coastline. It’s one of the most scenic but least well known parts of Australia and an incredibly beautiful, carefully kept Australian secret

Perth - Arguably the most scenic city in Australia. Cruise the Swan River, visit the wineries, relax on the superb beaches and spoil yourself shopping and dining in fine restaurants. It’s a great place to start/end the trip with a relaxed atmosphere and impressive city skyline.

Perth's a beautiful city