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Please note: We don't include the car in the prices as there are so many choices. You can either book your own car or we'd be pleased to do it for you.


The Coral Coast Tour
9 or 12 days
Covers all the main highlights of W.A.'s amazing coastline north of Perth to Exmouth.

The South West Tour
5 or 9 days
Spectacular coastlines, huge Karri forests and vineyards.

Perth to Broome
14 or 17 days
Coral Coast Tour but finishing in laid back, tropical Broome. There's the option to add the spectacular gorges & waterholes of Karijini National Park.

Perth to Darwin
21 days
Coral Coast Tour plus the breathtaking Kimberley and Northern Territory's stunning Kakadu National Park.
Perth to Broome
Perth to Broome

If you'd like to experience Australia before tourism takes a hold and you love stunning beaches, coral reefs and the magical silence of the outback then this tour is idyllic. It's a perfect winter tour (April to September). You'll discover the real Australia via the beautiful Coral Coast on the way to laid back, tropical Broome. You'll visit the Pinnacles Desert, Kalbarri's deep gorges, Shark Bay World Heritage area (inc. Monkey Mia's dolphins), Ningaloo Reef and the endless 80 Mile Beach. A natural world lover's dream....

14 day tour:

AU$ 2,971 BOOK NOW

Includes: 13 nights accommodation plus:
Full day at Kalbarri, Shark Bay and Coral Bay

17 day tour:

AU$ 3,747 BOOK NOW

Includes: 16 nights accommodation plus:
Full day at Kalbarri, Shark Bay and Coral Bay

Terms & Conditions for this tour

It's a packed trip with driving days separated by days exploring local areas. It gives you time to really appreciate and enjoy the beautiful coastlines, outback gorges and friendly small towns. There's time to discover each region, soak up the atmosphere and wonder at the amazing sights...

Pinnacles at sunsetPinnacles Desert - 250km north of Perth in the Nambung National Park you'll find these incredible limestone pillars emerging from the desert. A dawn or dusk visit is a must to capture them in the right light. Surrounding the park are beautiful, empty beaches and a wildflower wonderland in Spring.

Murchison River Gorges and Coastline - Kalbarri is a lovely small town on the banks of the Murchison River where it flows into the Indian Ocean. South of town are spectacular beaches, huge towering red coastal cliffs and amazing pink lakes. Kalbarri National Park is accessed by a good condition 26km gravel road. You'll see rugged outback with stunning gorges carved out over the millennia by the Murchison River. Visit Z-Bend, The Loop and Nature's Window. You'll experience the incredible isolation of this pristine area and if you'd prefer not to take the gravel road in your vehicle, guided tours can be arranged.

Monkey Mia dolphinsMonkey Mia Dolphins - Wake up early and stroll down to the beach to see wild dolphins just a metre or two from the beach! With one eye out of the water they are genuinely interested in who's

On the way in (or out) of this World Heritage Listed area you'll see the huge views over Shark Bay from Eagle Bluff, walk on Shell Beach made up of tiny cockle shells as far as the eye can see & wonder at stromatolites which are the earth's oldest living fossils. They saw the dawn of life itself and are widely accepted as being responsible for making the earth suitable for higher life forms.

A great optional excursion at Monkey Mia is to walk with an aboriginal guide who'll explain the history of the area,show you how to find bush tucker, water and medicine and bring the barren desert to life. It's a highly recommended experience and especially at just AU$35 per person.

Ningaloo Reef & Cape Range National Park - Ningaloo is the longest fringing reef in the world and its isolated location means it is one of the most pristine too.

You can snorkel or dive on the incredible 300km reef simply by stepping off the empty white beaches into the amazing underwater world with over 520 species of fish and 250 species of coral.

Swim with manta rays and turtles all year round and whale sharks in season (April to September) and then visit the deep red outback gorges of Cape Range National Park before cruising up Yardie Creek with a Ranger who will tell you all about the local area (optional).

Forget the Great Barrier Reef - Ningaloo is next to shore without the need for a boat trip if you'd prefer not to. It's remote and pristine. Coral Bay is a tiny village with a great bar/restaurant overlooking the reef. Exmouth is larger with more facilities. Both offer snorkel/dive trips, glass bottom boat tours and plenty of other excursions to keep you busy. If you'd like to dive or snorkel on the outer reef then Coral Bay is your best option and you have a full day there to relax and take a trip if you'd like.

Coral Bay on Ningaloo Reef

North of Exmouth you have a choice. The standard 14 day tour takes you north to Karratha and 80 mile beach before heading into Broome. Between Exmouth and 80 Mile Beach are two long days through the outback with around 550km each day. The long days are all part of the experience and you'll stay in the coastal town of Karratha for the night before the stretch to 80 Mile Beach.The last day to Broome is 340km. It's a remote region of outback with just the atmospheric roadhouses and bush scenery to break up the journey.

Optional - Karijini National Park - As an option over 3 extra days you can include the spectacular Karijini National Park. You'll need to be comfortable on gravel roads as there are few tarmac roads in the Park but you'll be rewarded with some of the most beautiful gorges and permanent waterholes in outback W.A. If you can spare the time the Karijini won't disappoint and makes you feel like you're in the deep heart of the outback.

80 Mile Beach - a great spot on the road through to Broome and, as its name suggests, it is 80 miles long!No swimming allowed in these billabongs!Caravan park cabins have all the facilities you'll need and it makes a lovely spot for an overnight stop and a wander along the beach looking for shells.

Broome - The tropical paradise of Broome finally comes into view after the long drive up the west coast. It has beautiful Indian Ocean beaches, wonderful sunsets and a fantastic climate for much of the year. It has all the comforts of a holiday town but with bit of a frontier feel. We allow a full day in Broome, to visit Malcolm Douglas' famous crocodile park, the picturesque jetty and to get to beautiful Cable Beach just in time for a cocktail and to watch the spectacular sunset over the ocean!

This is a wonderful tour through the outback exploring an unspoilt coastline. Western Australia is bigger than Europe and has only 1.9m people. As a result it feels much more personal than the busy eastern coast tourist resorts. People take the time to be friendly and there's loads to see on the way. If you'd like to see the 'real' Australia - this is it!