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Just a small selection of the kind words sent to us by many of our clients...

Driveroundoz made our holiday a memorable one because of their service and their attention to detail. " Driveroundoz made our holiday a memorable one because of their service and their attention to detail. I always had a number to call if I needed one in case of an emergency and the feeling that support was always there was important. From first contact on the internet, to flying home at the end of our adventure, we lacked for nothing and were treated with kindness and professionalism. A trip like this can easily go wrong if you don't start with the right people to make it happen. Some people think they can just fly to Australia and rent a vehicle and go. Sure, anyone can do that. However, if you've never been there and you want to get the most our of the trip, it's wise to hire the right company that knows what they're doing so you don't waste valuable time getting lost or ending up in a state of disappointment. We had a great trip because we chose the right company to organize it. Thank you!!!! "
Jay and Alexa - Ontario, Canada

" We really enjoyed every minute of the tour. All the B& B's were really welcoming and friendly (with some amazing rooms and beds!) and the lady in Kangaroo Valley took us on a mini-safari to see wombats. We got to see such a variety of places. Thanks once again for everything you did for us, we really do appreciate it. We're hoping to come back to Australia one day so I'm sure we be in touch then about another tour."

...many thanks to you and Shelley for making this trip so special and wonderful." ...many thanks to you and Shelley for making this trip so special and wonderful. From the very beginning, dealing with you has been so smooth and easy. Your professionalism and competence makes your company stand out. We will certainly be back in Picture Perfect and look forward to have you arrange another trip for us"
Maria and Rudi, Singapore

" Thank-you again for your help Mark. I can honestly say - that was the best vacation I've ever had. Driving around Melbourne-Adelaide-Wagga was amazing! Seeing Power's lookout by the Alpine National Park - driving along the great ocean road and seeing the Twelve Apostles - drinking the wine of the Barossa Wine Valley. After all that, we flew to Perth and went scuba diving at Rotnest Island, then drove up the coast... Wasn't that it was a vacation so much as it was an adventure. As I said Mark - BEST vacation ever."
Terry, Ontario

" ..everything with the trip was as smooth as clockwork. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone i know who is wanting to tour in Australia. It was the best trip of my life. thanks for everything."
Allan, Jersey

" Had to let you know, we had an awesome time on - Thanks for helping me to arrange such a great experience! I get the feeling we'll be back!"
Ann, Australia

" We had a fantastic trip. We covered 7000km in three weeks. Only 2 wet days out of 21 - can't complain about that. Top routes have to be the Great Alpine Hwy. from Dead Horse Gap to Khancoban. Alongside the Murray from Bungil to Bullioh, The Putty Rd and all of Tassie especially the western loops through Reese Dam, Strahan. The road from Lake Plimsoll to Queenstown would have to rate as one of the best. Thanks again for making it a great experience and be assured that I will be promoting your company for a great service."
Murray, New Zealand

" The whole tour was a great experience from start to finish, the whole thing was faultless, the roads were great and the sights and places I visited will stay in my mind for a long, long time (I have to keep looking at my photographs to remember it all). If anyone is considering doing a tour similar to this, my advice is just do it, I will again. Thank you Mark and Shelley for your hospitality and kindness you and Australia haven't heard the last from me."
Paul, UK

" ...but first of all I have to thank you that everything went so well and was so easy for me. This trip was an adventure for me I'll never forget and I'm already planning to come back and I hope then there will be time to take part in an organized tour with you or some of your partners."
Michael, Germany

What can i say - the trip was fantastic and was a great experience." What can i say - the trip was fantastic and was a great experience. I was in my element. The accommodation surprised me in terms of variety, quality and setting. After a long day I was always kind of hoping the accommodation would be good and each time i arrived i was always astounded to discover where i was staying at times - really impressed eg. cracking studio in Byron Bay surrounded with wildlife, trees u name it, lovely couple too (they've got it made there!) - seeing them on the balcony feeding birds next morning was a culture shock! Armadale, again excellent. Wisemans ferry was fab - fantastic setting, kangaroos everywhere, really serene. Again arriving at these kind of places was kind of a relief and a real pleasant surprise to finish off the day.

Sydney hotel was what it was but yep i got that great view of bridge and 10 min's walk from quay ie essential spots - I didn't realise I'd be that close. Again a real surprise. Jindabyne was just right - overlooking lake and quiet. Omeo excellent. Castlemaine guest house was kind of interesting! Very Victorian! They treated me like a King and I found it a little amusing to be honest - literally had the whole floor to myself, made me apple pie and cream, presented with a lager upon my arrival - i could not describe how good it taste after such a long trip that day! Lovely couple. Halls gap acc. was brilliant - couldn't believe the view from the patio - one minute being intrigued by the kangaroos coming out to next minute being surrounded with sulphur crested cockatoos. Weird! Top place. GOR house was about as perfect an ending I could have asked for really - nice one! I even got a chicken stew out of it when I arrived - God it was bloody peaceful there! A time to reflect!

The itinerary was excellent and kind of always kept me busy and focused - planning ahead without stretching myself - I probably covered some 90% of it. Amazing how time can fly. On average I would leave each morning 9am arriving at destination around 7-8pm with each day I always felt I achieved something. Every day seemed to always surprise me with regards to the sights and the natural world of Oz. The actual travelling and taking everything in was the real thing for me covering 2500 miles in all. The sheer beauty and diversity of what I was moving through was bliss. It was also challenging driving at times too - reminded me you need your wits about you to do such trips and can get distracted by the scale of it all but all part of the adventure. Overall a fantastic trip and I'm incredibly grateful to you for putting it all together for me. Thank you!!"
Dale, UK

The self guided tour was outstanding" The self-guided tour was outstanding! Everything, from the routes to the accommodations, was first rate! The guide contained much very useful information and points of interest along the tour. An extremely well organized package. This was the trip of a lifetime for me! To be able to spend 18 days on the road solo and not have one negative experience is outstanding! Well, OK, it did rain a bit! I managed to get myself off course a few times, but discovery is also a big part of travelling for me. I enjoyed being able to go at my own pace and find places that most people never see! I found the people of Australia to be exactly what I always expected: wonderful, fun loving, and a good time! I hope I can come back and see much more of your beautiful continent! "
Ken, New York